A Healthy Mind and Body is Essential for Achieving Maximum Performance Levels

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Magic Nutrition's products are designed to help you meet your lifestyle needs, by reducing stress, increasing focus and providing important nutrients to your body. Our products keep you naturally energized and motivated all day long. Made in the USA with natural ingredients and containng NO CAFFEINE.


MN's Product Line Vision

BC's Magic Powder is Bob's "Original Formula" that quickly became a hit with all our friends and families. Our pea protein acts likes time released energy, cost less per serving than caffeine beverages and is 100% Natural with no preservatives or additives. This proprietary blend of powders are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, and 1 billion probiotics per serving to support digestive and immune health. Our vegan protein brand called Yip•pea!™ is a great tasting natural vegan shake that is dairy, soy and gluten free and also loaded with the same 1 billion probiotics per serving. Bob has had great success creating great tasting and popular flavors for major brands all over the world. Bob brings this same great experience for taste in a natural, low sugar, low calorie, powerful protein shake that truly does work and tastes amazing.

MagicMind™ is our signature focus enhancing and stress reducing beverages that work by reducing fears that cause stress. Fear can cause many challenges when trying to stay focused on goals. Below are some examples of fears that may affect performance or lifestyle. 

  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Fear of Flying or Boating/Traveling
  • Fear of the Unknown or Unexpected
  • Fear of Failure or Being Ridiculed
  • Fear of Test Taking or Making Wrong Choices

What Holds You Back?

Fear Can Be Responsible For Performance Loss Caused By:

  • Reduced Confidence. motivation and loss of mental energy.
  • Causes Hesitation and/or Doubt

This fear, that you may or may not know is there, peaks when focus is needed the most. If you reduce stress, overcome fears, maintain a healthy diet and good exercise routine, you can be on your way to performing at a much higher performance level due to having both improved physically and mental strength. MagicMind™ is designed for high performing athletes, students and business professionals who are working on improving their mental game. With athletes being so phyisically competitive, it's the mental part of the game that often produces the victor.

MagicMind 2.0 oz beverages taste great as a shot or added to water, juice, smoothies or sports drinks.

Available soon!

Get Your Head in the Game!™


Alan Mackinder



MN Logo roundMagic Nutrition is a Health and Wellness Company that specializes in bringing the mind and the body together through great tasting nutritious foods and beverages.

Proper nutrition is essential for providing your body and mind with the natural energy it needs to compete in today's world. Our great tasting BC's Magic Powder™ or our vegan brand Yip•pea!™ is just what your body needs to successfully accomplish your day. These products offer premium probiotics that help support your immune and digestive health, essential vitamins and minerals, 20% of daily fiber and up to 18 grams of time released proteins that help sustain energy without the use of caffeine or other alternative products that harm your body. Let our newest MagicMind™ Focus Enhancer help you get your head in the game.

We are all competitive in some way or another, through work, sports, education or while trying to live a happy fulfilling life. Our vision and direction for Magic Nutrition is to help people feel the magic and competitiveness within themselves for finding their happiness and believing that they can overcome any obstacle in their life. No matter what your challenges currently are, you can find our products to be helpful in supporting your efforts for reaching your dreams and goals.

Make Life Magical!

Alan Mackinder

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