Magic Nutrition is a Health and Wellness Company that specializes in bringing the mind and the body together through great tasting nutritional foods and beverages.

Proper nutrition is essential for providing your body and mind with the natural energy it needs to compete in today's world. Our great tasting BC's Magic Powder™ or our vegan brand Yip•pea!™ is just what your body needs to successfully accomplish your day. These products offer premium probiotics that help support your immune and digestive health, essential vitamins and minerals, 20% of daily fiber and up to 18 grams of time released proteins that help sustain energy without the use of caffeine or other alternative products that harm your body. Let our newest MagicMind™ Focus Enhancer help you get your head in the game.

We are all competitive in some way or another, through work, sports, education or while trying to live a happy fulfilling life. Our vision and direction for Magic Nutrition is to help people feel the magic and competitiveness within themselves for finding their happiness and believing that they can overcome any obstacle in their life. No matter what your challenges currently are, you can find our products to be helpful in supporting your efforts for reaching your dreams and goals.

Make Life Magical!

Alan Mackinder
Bob Carl
Vice President/COO

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